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Beryllium Sapphire Kite Pendant (GEO Collection)

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Kite-shaped sterling silver pendant with 24k gold accent and a stunning deep orange colored sapphire. This sapphire was treated with Beryllium, an element naturally occurring in sapphires, to increase the intensity of its color. The stone is set in a solid 14k gold bezel setting. The chain is an 18" black sterling silver cable chain with bright silver beads.

The 2020 GEO Collection focuses on geometric jewelry featuring precious stones and gold designs applied with the Keum-boo technique. Keum-boo, meaning "attached gold" is an ancient Korean technique used to apply thin sheets of 24k gold to silver using heat and pressure, permanently bonding the two metals together. It creates an elegant contrast between the bright, pure gold, and the blackened silver.

Pendant Dimensions
Length: 1"
Width: 1/2"

Chain length: 18"

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