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Herkimer Diamond Minimalist Necklace

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Our simple but striking Herkimer "Diamond" necklace adds an elegant hint of glamour. The stone is linked directly onto the delicate rose gold or silver chain for a streamlined, minimal look.

Herkimer Diamonds are actually not diamonds, but a very unique variety of quartz crystal that has only been found in and around Herkimer, New York. These beautiful stones are extremely clear and the faceted shape they are known for is completely natural! None of these stones have been cut into the shape you see.

Choose between dainty 14k rose gold-fill or sterling silver chain.
Default chain length is 18in. 16in available upon request.
Each Herkimer diamond is a little bit different, so the stone you receive may vary slightly from the photos. The stones measure between 5-7mm.

Both sterling silver and gold-fill are hypo-allergenic and should not irritate sensitive skin or turn skin green. Gold-fill is an affordable alternative to solid gold, but much higher quality than gold plating. With proper care, your gold-filled chain should last a lifetime with no fading.

Sterling silver should be stored in a sealed bag and away from moisture to prevent tarnishing.

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